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EMS Eye Beauty Device

EMS Eye Beauty Device

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Microcurrent Anti Wrinkle Remove Eye Bags Dark Circles Light Therapy Eye Lifting Massage Instrument



Working Principle: ION+, ION-, LED, ,Warm, Vibration Massage


Type: Remove Eye Bags Dark Circles

Standard Voltage: 110V-220V

Size: Eye Massage Instrument

Power Source: EU, UK, AU,US, Japanese, Korean

Power Source: Rechargeable Battery, USB Charger

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Material: Metal

Masajeador de ojos de microcorriente: Instrumento de masaje ocular

Manufacturing Process: Machine Made

Function: Anti Wrinkle

Eye Massage Instrument: Eye Lifting Device

EMS Wrinkle Removal: EMS Dispositivo de belleza ocular

EMS Eye Beauty Device: EMS Eye Massager

Certification: CE, FCC, RoHS,KC



ANLAN EMS Eye Massage Instrument Remove Dark Circles, Eye Bags, Eye Wrinkles Beauty Device


●Vibration - 8000/rpm, effectively relaxing muscles.
●lontophoresis - Introduce the skin care products deeply into the skin to achieve a more effective beauty efffect.
●Heat compress - Improve blood circulation around the eyes. 40°C~42°C is the most suitable temperature for eyes.
●Red light therapy - 625nm red light improves skin firmness and elasticity.
●Blue light therapy - 413nm blue light adjusts the texture and makes the skin smooth and silky.
●EMS micro current - Microcurrent can reach the facial muscles to tighten skin.
●Multifunctional - can be used on face and lips, effectively remove lip wrinkles
※Combined with ANLAN Moisturizing Gel for better effect.

ANLAN EMS Eye Beauty Device

Intensive care for eyes & lips in 10min every day
EMS X Heat Compress X lontophoresis X LED Light Therapy X Vibration

6 in 1 EMS Eye Beauty Device

Foucs on the eyes and lips skin care
●Heat compress
●Red light therapy
●Blue light therapy
●EMS micro current

Mode 1 - Moisturizing

Moisturizing: Vibration + Iontophoresis + Heat compress + Red light

Mode 2 - EMS Lifting

EMS Lifting: EMS Microcurrent + Blue light + Heat compress

EMS Eye Beauty Care

EMS mode can be adjusted in 3 levels

NOTE: If you don't feel EMS, your skin is dry.
Be sure to use gels, lotions, etc.

10 minutes a day

Visible changes in the eyes and lips

Design based on modern ergonomics

The head adopts unique bipolar technology

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