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Illustrated Projection Dog Pendant

Illustrated Projection Dog Pendant

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3D Projection Light Custom Photo Name Dog Pet Walking Social Light Projection Illustrated Projection Dog Pendant



Model : Custom Photo Pet Projector Lamp









Note: Option B is only a customizable replacement negative, it is only for the convenience of wanting to customize multiple projections, Option A already includes a negative, Option B is an additional replacement negative, and Option B alone does not work.


1. Pet dog walking projection lamp: customizable pet head portrait, built-in power-on battery, Micro USB charging, high light transmittance professional projection lens, easy to wear and portable, two ways to wear
2. Equipped with detachable clips and silicone straps, you can choose the way of wearing, suitable for all kinds of pet traction vests and collars, the projection lens can be rotated 90°, and the range can be adjusted from multiple angles
3. Optimized smart battery, long battery life: equipped with independent circuit chip, equipped with 500mAh smart battery, portable charging, super long battery life of 6H
4. Customization instructions: You need to provide a high-definition photo of your pet of about 2M (preferably a close-up avatar), choose a matching template, and note the corresponding template serial number + text
5. There is a certain chromatic aberration between the actual projection effect and the design drawing, and there is a certain difference between the details of the projection imaging and the picture, which is unavoidable, and we try to restore it as much as possible. For details, please refer to the link for the actual effect

Charging method: USB charging
Input voltage: 5V
Battery capacity: 500MAH
Product size: 50*58*30mm/1.96*2.28*1.18in
Packing size: 88*90*6mm/3.46*3.54*2.36in
Product weight: 100g
Package Contents: Pet Projection Lamp*1, Projection Lamp*1, Wearing Clip*1, Strap*1, USB Charging Cable*1






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